Udeogu Ifechukwu
Web Developer

Ife is obsessed with making local and medium businesses go global by building scalable web applications and solutions tailored for their global Industry market niche.

Every Line of CODE he writes is optimized to cater to your business NEEDS, be it: getting more LEADS across the world for your PRODUCT, to SOFTWARE APPLICATION that streamline your business processes, to creating a CROSS-PLATFORM WEBSITE that communicates your AUTHORITY in business and builds brand trust.

Cliente and Projects

DKT Nigeria
DKT Nigeria is the largest private provider of contraceptive and sexual reproductive health products in Nigeria.
Completevisit is a Texas based healthcare services company , focused on rendering a complete range of healthcare services to the elderly.
Black Note
Web Dev (Ruby-on-Rails)
GeneSys Activity App
FrontEnd (JS DOM HTML)
Business Calculator
Open Source
Cisca Planner
Web Development( SaaS - React Js)

My experience

Hello ,
my name is Udeogu Ifechukwu, I am the one behind blackbelt code ninja fraternity - a legion sworn by uncle ben's clean code idealogy.(unrelated)
I encounter web dev on my path to finding solution for small-medium enterprise's globalization chicken and egg problem.
-Ever since then, I build compliant websites and application for SMEs, with the sole purpose of exposing them to the global market place, where they can compete equally.

Eagle Computer Institute
Graphic Designer
April 2015 — Mar 2016
WordPress Designer
Apr 2017 — Mar 2018
Ruby Programmer
Jun 2018 — Jul 2020
Frontend Engineer
June 2020 — Dec 2020
Lead Frontend Engineer
November 2020 — Still working

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